By Bruce Walker
Author’s Note-I have a series of stories titled “Standing in the Check Out Line” this is one of them.
I walked into a very nice antique store and among the costly antiques and heirlooms was a statue of a
hideous old woman; Long nose with a wart on the end, gaudy dress, big ears and crooked, yellow teeth
showed through her grimacing smile. She looked so out of place among the tasteful and very expensive
items displayed. With other pieces in the shop selling for thousands of dollars, this “work of art” had a
“Not for Sale Tag” attached. I asked why. This is her story.
The smiling owner behind the counter said, “I was raised in very modest circumstances on the rough
side of town. Every Sunday my Aunt Myrtle would go to church with us. I would be fresh from a bath
and have on my best clothes but she would ask, “Shouldn’t you go change into your good clothes?”
Afterwards at dinner, she would say to my mother, “Did you forget to put the meat on the table?” Mom
had chopped it up in the gravy to feed everyone. There was never a kind word for anyone she deemed
less than worthy which included me.”
The proprietor told me, “I described my Aunt’s actions and personality to the artist I commissioned to
make this statue. From that description he created this art piece. . . Every morning when I come
through the front door Aunt Myrtle greets me, reminding me to be kind to children, don’t judge others
in their circumstances and be grateful for my life. Everyone in town thought of her as this well to do
woman who had everything in life she wanted. One of the things Aunt Myrtle didn’t have was
compassion.” Be nice to those you encounter, you don’t know what form revenge may take!!
Copyright 2013
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