Barr, Stefanik, Hudson Introduce Protecting Privacy in Purchases Act to Stop Unconstitutional Tracking of Gun Sales 

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Andy Barr (R-KY), alongside Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY), and Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC) introduced the Protecting Privacy in Purchases Actto ban the use of a Merchant Category Code to track sales at gun stores.

“The privacy of Americans’ purchases, especially when it comes to firearms, is non-negotiable,” said Congressman Andy Barr. “I am proud to join Conference Chair Stefanik in standing against unnecessary and discriminatory surveillance. This bill would ensure the freedom and privacy of all Americans, guaranteeing that our Second Amendment rights are respected and protected.”

“The tracking of gun purchases is a violation and infringement on the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans which is why I am proud to introduce the Protecting Privacy in Purchases Act to prohibit radical gun grabbing politicians from tracking lawful gun purchases,” said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik“I share the concern of law-abiding gun owners across our nation that have voiced their fear that such tactics will work to serve the radical Left’s anti-gun agenda. I will always stand up for our Second Amendment rights as Americans and provide a critical check to any entity attempting to encroach on our liberties.”

“Gun grabbing liberals will stop at nothing to take away our Second Amendment rights. Now, they are going to track purchases of law-abiding gun owners. This is unacceptable, dangerous, and a first step to gun confiscation. I am proud to join Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik and Congressman Andy Barr in introducing this legislation to protect you,” said Congressman Richard Hudson.

“The Biden administration has already proven they cannot be trusted to respect the private firearm transactions of law-abiding citizens. Without a warrant, federal agencies collected financial information on private firearm and ammunition transactions to create an illegal government watchlist of gun owners. Representative Elise Stefanik’s legislation would rein in federal overreach to use the private financial transactions of law-abiding citizens against them for political means. No American should be concerned that the federal government is employing this scheme, concocted by gun control cheerleaders, that weaponizes an individual’s finances and their free exercise of Second Amendment rights to wrongly identify them as a criminal-in-waiting. NSSF thanks Representative Stefanik for her principled leadership to stand up for Constitutionally-protected rights and against special interests and big government lawmakers whose goal it is to monitor and deny lawful transactions, by law-abiding Americans,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President & General Counsel for the Firearm Industry Trade Association

“The Merchant Category Code for firearms retailers is nothing more than a scheme to surveil law-abiding gun owners, and the Protecting Privacy in Purchases Act would protect private purchasing information from abuse by third parties,” said Randy Kozuch, Executive Director of the NRA-ILA. “On behalf of the NRA’s millions of freedom-loving members, we applaud Rep. Stefanik for championing this legislation to protect the right to privacy for gun owners nationwide.”

“Singling out law-abiding gun and ammunition purchasers through the invasive and arbitrary monitoring of credit card transactions would ultimately erode the right to privacy and self-defense. The USCCA applauds Reps. Stefanik, Hudson and Barr for introducing this important legislation to protect law-abiding gun owners from discriminatory practices by financial institutions, ensuring their Second Amendment rights are shielded from corporate and government overreach,” said Tim Schmidt, President and Co-Founder of the US Concealed Carry Association.

“The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF) thanks Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus Member Rep. Elise Stefanik for introducing the Protecting Privacy in Purchases Act,” said CSF President and CEO Jeff Crane. “Sportsmen and women who lawfully purchase firearms and ammunition should not be treated any differently than someone who purchases hiking boots. This legislation will provide a common-sense solution to maintaining the privacy of sportsmen and women and protecting our hunting and recreational shooting traditions.”

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